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If you are interested in giving in any way, do not hesitate to email us at campgraham@frontier.com or call 937-289-2085.

Please consider joining the 4-H Camp Graham team in changing the lives of young people today for the good of tomorrow. Together we can ensure the future of 4-H Camp Graham and enable us to reach more youth with values and skills that make a difference for a lifetime.

Can you make a difference in the lives of youth?  Absolutely!  Partner with 4-H Camp Graham and you will significantly impact today’s youth as they become tomorrow’s leaders.  


 4-H Camp Graham is a great place for youth to learn skills that will last a lifetime.  The unique setting helps youth develop valuable skills like self confidence, leadership, decision making, communication, cooperation and respect for others...just to mention a few. These life skills are taught while participating in nature class, navigating a canoe with a new friend, concentrating on a team building challenge, and even bunking in a cabin. Over 1,500 youth grow from these experiences each year.


4-H Camp Graham depends on donations like yours to help make improvements to our facilities and programs each year. With your help, we can continue to grow our camp and provide the best atmosphere to help develop future leaders. Your generous donation will go to support priority projects that will make a difference right away. Some of the projects we are currently seeking donations for include...




Donations of any amount are helpful and can be made with any major credit or debit card online  via PayPal by clicking the following button...